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From: Gregg (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 14:54:35 EST

> > I tried starting v_httpd and I get the following error.
> > Invalid IP number or host name: eth0
> > chbind version 0.10
> > chbind [ --silent ] [ --ip ip_num ] command argument
> v_httpd and all of the v_* init scripts are used to start services on the
> host server rather than within a vserver. Use the normal init scripts for
> httpd sshd etc when you're in a vs.
Thanks, I think that was my problem. I got most of the services working
now. HTTPD, mysqld.
I'm having problems with sendmail however. It starts fine, then after a
minute or two, it just dies. I've tried everything I know how. Any ideas
on what could be wrong?
> If you've got admin and admin2 users in the host server when you build
> first vs then the users from the host (or reference) server will be
> into the vserver. From reading the above it doesn't sound like this is
> what's caused the problem but it's worth knowing.

Ok, let's see if I got this right. If I got the user admin set in the host
server, when I create a vserver, it will be coppied to the vserver. Now,
what if I were to delete the user admin in the vserver, will that affect the
user admin in the host server?
What about the root user in the vserver, if you change the root password in
the vserver, does that also change the password for the root in the host

I think I'm finally getting this down.
Thanks for the help guys.

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