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From: John Lyons (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 16:15:15 EST

> I'm having problems with sendmail however. It starts fine,
> then after a
> minute or two, it just dies. I've tried everything I know
> how. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

I've got the same problem with one of my vservers. I've started working
through logs, and got as far as invalid data format for the emails in
/var/log/maillog. Checking the status via /etc/init.d/sendmail gave
subsystem locked errors.
I've seen this before on non vserver systems so I don't think it's a problem
related to the vserver.

> Ok, let's see if I got this right. If I got the user admin
> set in the host
> server, when I create a vserver, it will be copied to the
> vserver.

Correct because if you use your host server as the reference server all
config files will be copied over.

> what if I were to delete the user admin in the vserver, will
> that affect the user admin in the host server?

No because after the vserver has been built the passwd files are two
different files in two difference parts of the filesystem. It's just the act
of creating the vs that copies conf files thereby transferring settings.

> What about the root user in the vserver, if you change the
> root password in
> the vserver, does that also change the password for the root
> in the host server?


One of the things that I've been looking to do is to expand on the vserver
build script so that when the vserver is built you automatically change the
root/admin user passwords for the new vserver and change conf files that are
specific to that vs. eg making an entry in /etc/mail and httpd.conf to
provide basic services for the customers first domain. (All one step beyond
vserver core system but useful for hosts using it in a commercial
environment, probably something with sed)


John Lyons
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