Re: [vserver] shrink wrap it

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Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 23:52:38 EST

On Friday, 8 February 2002 at 20:19, Vlad wrote:

> Part of dealing with open source projects is doing the research and
> figuring things out on your own. Perhaps thats why its not in a shrink
> wrapped box with a choice of 8 different GUI's to hold your hand. It

I think Jacques will disagree with you on this. I believe he's seeing ease of
use as important part of this project, hence the new admin utilities that require linuxconf
(not to my personal taste but if it helps people, why not).

> If you expect free help I suggest you ask for it with plenty of detail and outmost respect for
> the people that you're expecting assistance from.

Yes, that's the right way.

> Derogatory comments about development progress or inconvenient mailing
> list are not a good way to ask for help.

That is also true, but why not help anyway.
Not everyone has the same communication skills.
I believe that encouraging people to learn more with positive feedback instead of
exchanging flames is more benefical to everyone.

> I think the real problem here is that the project web page doesn't have
> enough pictures or blinking "NEW" buttons. Reading turns everyone off, and
> just like back in high school, its easier to just find someone that has
> read the book already that can summarize it than for you to actually put
> in some effort. Damn words, they are everywhere!


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