RE: [vserver] vserver vs. freevsd

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From: klavs klavsen (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 07:27:31 EST

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 12:11, Dave wrote:
> > vserver requires a kernel patch. freevsd doesn't. I'm unfortunately not
> > clever enough to figure out, if that means that freevsd is less safe
> > than vserver, or if vserver is just troublesome as it can't use the
> > standard kernel.
> I'm a former FreeVSD developer, and all I can say is stay away from it. The
> company that was supporting the project has decided to close the source and
> to release it as a commercial product. There have been very few updates in
> the last year.
but they already have a commercial counterpart for it ..(proVSD) they
intend to close down the OpenSource part of the project? damn.
few updates are not good.

what about vserver? it's v0.10 - that doesn't sound to me like, it has
much development going on.

If the mailinglists archive were accessible via web, one might see how
much is going on, and what troubles people have. If you want, I'm sure,
I could talk to (danish LUG), as they have such a system -
and they also have news access to mailinglists.

> Also, freevsd does require a lot of patches in the standard library and the
> basic administration tools (fileutils) and is much harder to maintain than
> what I've seen on vserver. Also, vserver is much more secure and flexible
> than freevsd from what I've seen till now.
sounds like a big plus for vserver. couldn't see any patches in the
freevsd-1.4.9 rpm, so I didn't know.
> I'm currently working on a new project which will take the best of the two
> worlds, but there won't be anything to play with for a few weeks from now.
> Till then, i'd use vserver if I had to start from scratch.
ok. Not to be a sour grape, but perhaps it would be a good idea to add
your ideas/time to vserver instead - to provide 1 great product with
features and flexibility - instead of two products with half the
developers (or so).

Thank you for your info.

Klavs Klavsen

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