RE: [vserver] vserver vs. freevsd

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From: klavs klavsen (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 07:19:47 EST

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 12:14, John Lyons wrote:
> > I'm looking for a secure environment to run 1 virtual server,
> > on 1 real
> > machine - for the purpose of protecting the machine against
> > dumb users, hacked services and so forth.
> Vserver is THE solution not freevsd.
Based on what arguments/features?
> > vserver requires a kernel patch. freevsd doesn't. I'm
> > unfortunately not clever enough to figure out, if that means that freevsd
> is less safe
> > than vserver, or if vserver is just troublesome as it can't use the
> > standard kernel.
> OK, if you're not experienced enough to patch the kernel forget FreeVSD. The
> mailing list for freevsd is full of people trying to install, configure and
> use it who are having all sorts of problems.
I have no problem with compiling/patching kernels. Sorry if I somehow
gave that impression. I just want the safest possible setup for my need.
was also thining of asking alter, how LIDS works with the vserver patch.
> My advice to you would be to try the binary kernel first.
> I found that it didn't have the network driver loaded that I wanted and I
> didn't want to load it as a module. In Dec 2001 I'd never built a kernel but
> within an hour of starting I'd patched the kernel, built it, installed
> vserver and was well on my way to getting my first vserver running.
There's a binary kernel for vserver? well i'll just compile my own, if I
decide that vserver is the best for me :-)
> There are several tutorials on this eg
> Stick with vserver it beats freevsd hands down for ease of use.
ease of use, isn't enough, if it doesn't have the necessary features.
freevsd comes with some webpage management utilities. sounds pretty

Klavs Klavsen

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