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From: Gregg (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 17:36:33 EST

> I've got the same problem with one of my vservers. I've started working
> through logs, and got as far as invalid data format for the emails in
> /var/log/maillog. Checking the status via /etc/init.d/sendmail gave
> subsystem locked errors.
> I've seen this before on non vserver systems so I don't think it's a
> related to the vserver.
Ok, I checked my log files, and this is what I found.
NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): opendaemonsocket: daemon MTA: cannot bind: Cannot
assign requested address
daemon MTA: problem creating SMTP socket
Fine, I figured it had something to do with the host server, so I stopped
sendmail and mysql on the host server, and loaded sendmail on a vserver, and
guess what? It started. Now I can see that the sendmail is running, but it
says the following
sendmail: rejecting new messages: min free: 100
I went back and checked on the log files, and I got the following:

starting daemon (8.11.6): SMTP+queueing_at_01:00:00
sendmail[2458]: rejecting new messages: min free: 100
sendmail[2046]: alias database /etc/aliases rebuilt by root
sendmail[2046]: /etc/aliases: 40 aliases, longest 10 bytes, 395 bytes total
sendmail[2080]: starting daemon (8.11.6): SMTP+queueing_at_00:01:00
sendmail[2080]: rejecting new messages: min free: 100
I know it's probably some configuration deal that I have wrong, so it's not
that important I guess, but if anyone has had this similar problem, please
share your thoughts! :)

Now, back to the host server, I don't have mysqld running or sendmail, which
is fine, because I probably wouldn't use the host server for hosting a site
or anything anyway.
But, when I stop a vserver I get a few error messages.
Here's what I get. Sorry if it's too long.

Stopping the virtual server test
Server test is running
ipv4root is now
New security context is 2
Stopping MySQL: [FAILED]
Stopping httpd: [ OK ]
Stopping sshd: [ OK ]
Shutting down sendmail: [ OK ]
Stopping xinetd: [ OK ]
Stopping crond: [ OK ]
Shutting down kernel logger: [FAILED]
Shutting down system logger: [ OK ]
Starting killall: Stopping MySQL: [FAILED]
sleep 2
Killing all processes
kill -TERM /vservers/test/bin/bash[1173]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1213]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1217]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1218]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1227]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/sbin/minilogd[2429]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/bin/bash[1173]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1213]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1217]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[1218]
kill -TERM /vservers/test/usr/libexec/mysqld[2466]

It is weird that it's failing to stop the MySQL, because obviously it is
running, because in the kill all it's killing the mysqld processes.
Any clues?
The other one that is failing to stop is kernel logger, which I don't know
why that is failing either.
Again, these may not be important, I just want to know if there's something
I did wrong, or if there is something else I could do.

> One of the things that I've been looking to do is to expand on the vserver
> build script so that when the vserver is built you automatically change
> root/admin user passwords for the new vserver and change conf files that
> specific to that vs. eg making an entry in /etc/mail and httpd.conf to
> provide basic services for the customers first domain. (All one step
> vserver core system but useful for hosts using it in a commercial
> environment, probably something with sed)
That would be a useful script indeed. I did have to go in and change
httpd.conf for my two test vservers by hand, and I'm sure there are many
other config files that I missed! :)

Thanks again for the help

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