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From: Roderick A. Anderson (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 13:51:56 EST

On 9 Feb 2002, klavs klavsen wrote:

> I would very much like to know your purpose for using a product like
> vserver, and what makes it the best for you.

Well you'll like this. It was the first thing I'd seen outside and IBM
mainframe that did this. And I happened across it while reading Linux
Weekly News. I've used Linuxconf - and get down right ticked off when I
can't - since Redhat Linux 4.2 I think and I knew of Jacques quick
response to problems and suggestions for it. What the heck. Couldn't
be any easier.

   Spent several hours over a couple of days reading the documentation
and musing how to upgrade my Redhat Linux 7.2 kernel so it matched the,
then 2.4.16 kernel, vserver was using. Got really frustrated and mail
Jacques (on a week-end no less) then said what the heck and installed it.
Heard back Jacques with a lucid explanation why I was making it too
difficult. Made a few configuration changes and had it working.

    A few more messages - pre mailing list - to work some of ideas into
my thick head and was informed of the standing joke at Solucorp.

        'No more than 3 vservers per developer per day.'

If it is that easy and useful how wrong could I go?

In another message I mention I have three domains - two on vservers and
I'm looking at how to use it for small companies that need/want their
departments to have each have their own servers but the load is low
enough to make another chunk of hardware too expensive.

Loads of other ideas including student machines - sys admin training -
that they can screw up totally but not affect the main or other
students servers.

You might get the idea I REALLY like vserver and you'd be right.


                      Let Accuracy Triumph Over Victory

Zetetic Institute "David's Sling" Marc Stiegler

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