Re: [vserver] Problem in a Vserver with multiple IP's

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From: Paul Sladen (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 06:51:21 EDT

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002, Jean-Philippe Beique wrote:

> Without you i would pay over thousand of dollars to start a company wich is
> simply impossible at the moment.

Have you considered supporting the Free Software that has made this possible
for you by paying "over a thousand dollars" to either the Free Software
Foundation, or perhaps the author who has put in many weeks of development
> The vserver in the cvs talk about multi-ip capability [...]

The most recent ctx-12/13 patches (utils-0.19) have this in:

> Second problem that we got is that the server cannot run identd services
> on multiple vserver.

Stop running ident in the main server; you don't need anything except SSH
running on the Host server. (infact, stop running inetd in there too).

("Same answer again": Ident in the main server has already grabbed the auth
[ident] port for every single IP address (`') on the [whole] server.)

> --------------------------------- technical part----------
> To make you in the context
> I got a Root server with 120 real IPS Accessible from the internet From
> 207.X.X.1 To 207.X.X.120 ( eth0 to eth0:120 )
> I need each vserver to have 16 IPS so i set in one vserver:
> IPROOT="207.X.X.1 207.X.X.2 207.X.X.2 207.X.X.3 207.X.X.4"
> But with this configuration some application do not work correctly
> For exemple
> -1 eggdrop can only be start on the first IP on the list and i try to start
> eggdrop on another IP the eggdrop do not start at all
> - 2 psybnc can only use the first ips on the list for vhost

These two programs seem to be used for `vanity' IRC addresses and seem to
promote wasting of precious IP address space.

The previous person who complained that he couldn't get these programs to
work, seemed to not want to put any effort into helping to find out *why*
they weren't working for him (or other people as you seem to be having a
similar problem).

If you can find out where in the source the problem you believe is
happening, I'm sure people will work to fix a bug if one is there in the
vserver portion (rather than the userspace application program).
> Anyone got an configuration file exemple for v_xxx pseudo services support
> multi-IP configuration file ?

Don't run anything except SSH--(including disabling inetd)--in the host
server (and manually set SSH address using:


directive in the `/etc/ssh/sshd_config' file). This will get rid of alot of
your `problems' and allow you to find out what is happening more clearly.

> i got to set to IPROOT= for eggdrop and bnc to work but i this
> case user of a vserver can use all the ips of the root server :(

What exactly are these programs complaining about when you set *their* IP
address in *their* configuration file or command-line parameters to be
something different?

Is there an binding to localhost going on in there that could be causing any


Nottingham, GB

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