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From: Herbert Poetzl (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 00:15:04 EDT

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 10:23:41PM -0700, Jean-Philippe Beique wrote:
> First of all i would just thanks all the coder of vserver and
> everybody that are participating in this project.

thats nice ...

> Without you i would pay over thousand of dollars to start a company
> wich is simply impossible at the moment.

so you saved some (a lot of) money, to start your "impossible"
company ... thats good too!

> We are using vserver for multiple thing such as apache webhosting,
> shoutcast streaming, ffmpeg audio-video streaming and internet
> realy chat services. The reason that i am writing this super long
> email and carefully writed (because i'm not that excellent in
> english) is because we have a bug with the vserver.

hmm a bug?

> I would be very happy if anybody in the mailing list can try what
> we are doing and give us maybe a solution to our nightmare.

so save some more money, by utilizing more, free resources?
a nightmare? maybe stop dreaming?

--- end of sarcasm ---

> The vserver in the cvs talk about multi-ip capability wich is very
> very good. Now that we know that the multi-ip is disponible, we
> patch the vserver and try to run our services on the vserver.

what exactly did you patch? (if you patched at all)

> There is a few things that we cannot resolved to work.
> When we are launching a background that use another ip that the
> first ip listed in the iproot we got a few error (cannot connect,
> using another ip).

can you give an example? and include the errors?

> To solve the problem we made the ip public to every vserver on
> the main server -- iproot=* (*=all)
> By this way anybody can run services in the vserver but we cannot
> restrict access to the ip so this is our first problem.
> (the type of service that we run doesn't work with your patch).
> Second problem that we got is that the server cannot run identd
> services on multiple vserver. How can we made it run more than
> once... When we try to launch a identd server on a vserver there
> is no problem with this vserver all the user can identify themself
> with identd but other vserver cannot because it cannot start more
> than one identd server at the time on all the server wich is
> particularly bad for our company.
> So to resume... technically way it look like that
> --------------------------------- technical part----------
> To make you in the context
> I got a Root server with 120 real IPS Accessible from the internet
> From 207.X.X.1 To 207.X.X.120 ( eth0 to eth0:120 )

is it necessary to assign the IPs manually?
the vserver tools usually assign the IPs at server start/stop

> I need each vserver to have 16 IPS so i set in one vserver:
> IPROOT="207.X.X.1 207.X.X.2 207.X.X.2 207.X.X.3 207.X.X.4"
> But with this configuration some application do not work correctly
> For exemple
> -1 eggdrop can only be start on the first IP on the list and i try
> to start eggdrop on another IP the eggdrop do not start at all
> - 2 psybnc can only use the first ips on the list for vhost

I think this wasn't reproducible or simply was not reproduced.

> The only whay i found for those application to work correctely is
> to set in a vserver
> but with IPROOT=
> vserver can use all IPS of the ROOT SERVER and 2 vserver can use
> and share the same IPS
> i very nned to limit acess to ip in a vserver and support for
> eggdrop and bnc
> --------------------------------technical part end---------
> Anyone got an configuration file exemple for v_xxx pseudo services
> support multi-IP configuration file ?

again v_xxx scripts are used in the main server to
prevent services/daemons from binding to ALL possible
addresses (thereby making any further bind within any
virtual server impossible)

the NEW (read version 0.19) tools/scripts honor the
multiple IP feature for any v_xxx service, the OLD
(read version 0.18) scripts didn't ...

my workaraound for 0.18 was (for example for v_sshd)

# chkconfig: - 55 25
# description: Wrapper to start sshd bound to multiple IPs
IP="eth0 eth1"
if [ -f /etc/vservices/sshd.conf ] ; then
    . /etc/vservices/sshd.conf
IPC=`for n in $IP; do echo "--ip $n"; done`
exec /usr/sbin/chbind $IPC /etc/init.d/sshd $*

> I try to bind identd deamon on 10 IP from x.x.x.97 to x.x.x.107
> i make my own script v_identd and configiration file identd.conf
> in /etc/vservices/inetd.conf

so this binding fails?

> got this error
> VSERVER:/etc/init.d# ./v_inetd restart
> ipv4root is now X.X.1.97
> Can't exec X.X.1.98 (No such file or directory)

inetd or identd? or identd over inetd?
anyway you have some bug in your script or configuration.

> Anyone can send me an exemple of configuration file plz

you can use the given example, or just the chbind tool
to further reduce the used addresses (subset of the addresses
assigned to the vserver)

> also anyone got eggdrop and bnc working in a vserver with
> multiIps if i put IPROOT="x.x.x.1 x.x.x.2 x.x.x.3" eggdrop
> and bnc can only start from the first ip ont he list

> i got to set to IPROOT= for eggdrop and bnc to work
> but i this case user of a vserver can use all the ips of
> the root server :(
> ---------------------------------
> Thank you for reading and god bless vserver staff
> waiting for any comments or an answer, Jean-Philippe B??que,
> Director of Electronic Box Comm


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