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From: Herbert Poetzl (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 17:05:38 EDT

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 09:31:04PM +0200, Jon Bendtsen wrote:
> > Cathy Sarisky wrote:
> > >
> > > It never fails. I set up a bunch of vservers for clients, and then the
> > > requirements for one of the programs in use got upped.
> > > So I need to upgrade a
> > > handful of vservers. Maybe I'm being dense, but how can I upgrade them,
> > > without goofing up unification? I don't want to rebuild them
> > > from scratch.

first, for the upgrade ...

consider the folowing setup:

SERV (template used for vservers)
SV01 (first server ...)
SV02 (second server ...)
SV03 ...

the package "wossname-0.1.noarch.rpm" needs to be updated
to "wossname-0.2.noarch.rpm" ...

usually this is done by rpm -U wossname-0.2.noarch.rpm

in vserver, you _could_ do it the same way, by copying
the package to each vserver SV01,SV02,SV03 ... and
manually installing it ...

nevertheless a better solution would be to use the
vrpm warpper to upgrade all servers at once ..

# vrpm SERV SV01 SV02 SV03 ... -- -U wossname-0.2.noarch.rpm

if we ignore the issues regarding pre/post scripts
I mentioned a few mails ago ... this will upgrade
your template _and_ the running/active servers

> > > Does vunify do this? Could someone give an example?
> > > (I did vunify --help, but it didn't help much. :( )

the unification for this specific package will be
broken, but this can easily be fixed with vunify

# vunify SERV SV01 SV02 SV03 ... -- wossname

(note: vunify uses the package name not the package path ...)

> I dont use unification...
> But isnt it just a hardlink ?? If you replace the hardlink in the root
> server, doesnt it affect all the vservers ??

unification is a little more than just a hardlink.
it is a hardlink with additional immuteability
(except for removal ;) which means, you would not
be able to _change_ the file/link in the root server
until you remove the immutable flag or the file.

> If not, you could possibly upgrade the root server, and then, in the
> root server, run a script,
> that unlinks (read rm's) the link, and redoes the link again as a
> hardlink for all the files in all the vservers.

this is, in a special way, what vunify does ...
(except that it requires the package to be installed
in all unified servers ...)

maybe it would be a good idea to add the vunify
functionality to the vrpm script as an option?


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