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From: John Lyons (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 21:14:43 EDT

> 1. Is there a recommended brand and version of Linux to use
> with vserver?

RH7.2 seems the stable choice for most users.

> 2. What is the recommendedation about hard drive setup?
> Should each vserver
> be given its own partition? How large should that partition be? If all
> vservers can be put on one large drive, say, a 60GB drive, is
> there any way
> to approximate how much disk space will be needed for say 100
> vservers?

Personally I just create a partition for Vservers and use that. Putting 1
verver per partition would give you problems further down the line if you
ever wanted to share packages between vservers using the unification

> 3. (related to #2) Does each vserver have a full and complete
> installation
> of Linux on it, or are utilities/applications shared between vservers?

They can have their own full file system and packages which stand alone. You
can also unify selected packages (or all) ie share them between several
vservers. The unification can be done so as to allow the vserver owner to
upgrade or remove the package themselves or they can be set to prevent
vserver owners from changing anything other than the conf files.

> 4. How does vserver work with virtual web hosting with
> sharing IP addresses?

Same as normal apache hosting.

> If I wanted each domain I host to be its own vserver, does
> each of them have
> to have their own IP address,

yes, each vserver needs its own IP address so 1 domain per vs would mean 1
IP per domain.

 or can multiple vservers be on
> the same IP?

Not that I'm aware of.

> How would I configure Apache on each vserver with this in
> mind?

Use the rpm install with php and apache, works like a treat out of the box.

> 5. With regards to unique IP addresses, I currently have
> resellers who each
> get a unique IP address, and their resale customers share
> their IP address
> with the reseller ... should I just limit each reseller to
> their own vserver
> then and use Apache's <VirtualHost> setup?

Probably yes.


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