[vserver] 2 people 1 computer possibility?

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From: Nathan Hoult (hoult_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 21:16:18 EDT

I have read some of the information about the Vserver but I didn't see my
question answered.
I would like to have 2 people using the computer at once by having 2
mice,keyboards,sound cards, and video cards. There is a person who has done
this (http://cambuca.ldhs.cetuc.puc-rio.br/multiuser/) with a hack to
Xfree86 4.1 but it doesn't always work and is buggy.

#1 have to reboot and make PCI card the bootup card.
#2 have to start it second X in a certian amount of time ( < 20min i
#3 can not chnage VT once they are both started (no ctrl+alt F[x]) or i get
a hard freeze (cant even telent in)
#4 cant do full screen on the AGP screen.
#5 do not have second sound card yet BUT if i did no way that i know of to
output display X to X sound card, have to do it per program (if it can be
#6 cant use GDM as a login manager, workes but about 33% of the time if the
(PCI) logs out it will freeze the AGP user.
#7 only SOME card combinations work, fortunetly i had a heap of old ones

once up it is stable. It CAN do it but heck last weekend i tried to get
Unreal Tournament working because a friend came over, and man it took a
while to set up than i had to tell them all the problems... played for a bit
but they still see no reason to leave Windows.

One of the problems XFree has is the VT only allowed 1 keyboard input.
Could I use a modifyed Vserver, install X on it and tell it to use the USB
keyboard as input(/dev/input/event1), second video card (PCI 0:7:0), second
sound card(dont have yet), and mouse(/dev/input/mice)?

and yes, I KNOW you can export X to another computer but ever tried to play
"Return to castle Wolfstine" or a DVD over 100M/bit? :-) (maybe over

I use:
Mandrake 8.1 with modifyed kernel for usb mouse/keyboard
Ath 1.33
256 meg 2100 DDR
GF2 Pro (AGP)

YES this has enough power to play 2 player Diablo2 with server with
no/little lag.
YES it is cheeper to buy a dual Ath now and have it for 4 years than 2
celrons now and 2 P4 in 2 years. (Celrons wouldent play anything!)
NO i am not the only one who wants this. i have got a couple e-mails just
from people looking on the XFree mainling list
NO the 2 monitors do not interfeer with eachother.
YES i know that this is not the intent of the Vserver.

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