[vserver] vserver with reiserfs or ext3

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From: Justin M Kuntz (jkuntz_at_prominic.com)
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 12:24:44 EDT

Sam --

It seems you are the guru when it comes to ReiserFS support with vserver.
:) Having a journaling filesystem is of utmost importance to me. So my
choices are ext3 or ReiserFS. Currently I have several systems running
ReiserFS on SuSE 7.3 - but none of them are using vserver kernel patches

I'm installing a new system - Red Hat 7.2 - with ext3 simply because it
seems like right now vserver is most tested on this platform. But some
messages I've seen in the mailing list archive have made me unclear on the
status of which filesystems support _all_ of the vserver features including
immutable flags and unification.

Back in Nov 2001 this was posted by you:

along with this link to why ReiserFS doesn't support extended attributes:

Has this changed by now (May 9, 2002)? I mean would you consider ReiserFS
now feature complete in terms of vserver's requirements? How about ext3?
Based on this message:
it sounded like some of the ext2 attributes had to be mapped to ext3 unused
bits, which I assume may not be a permanent solution if vserver has to
officially request those bits to be reserved from the ext3 management team.
(I have no idea of the actual process of managing filesystem development,
I'm simply making an assumption about bits needing to be well-known, etc):

Currently I'm using on the Red Hat 7.2 system 2.4.18ctx-10. Is the
2.4.19-pre3 kernel the one to be using if I want feature complete ReiserFS
support for vserver? Or do you still need to build a patch of some kind?




Excellent, it looks like inode attributes on reiserfs are in the latest
stable kernel pre-release.

I feel another patch coming on...


Begin forwarded message:

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 14:40:16 +0300
From: Oleg Drokin <green_at_namesys.com>
To: Sam Vilain <sam_at_vilain.net>
Subject: inode attributes


On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 11:20:00AM +0000, Sam Vilain wrote:

> btw, nice to see inode attributes back in the "pending" patches. Any
idea> when this patch will make it into the mainstream kernel?
It is already.
Download 2.4.19-pre3 and enjoy.


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