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From: Fran Firman (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 22:52:46 EDT

I have a fairly good method of getting vservers running on a deb system,
over nfs with a deb system in side the system.

Over the nfs allows me to move vservers from server to server, esp if
the server it self has a problem.


On Wed, 2002-05-08 at 10:27, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> I am working on writing a cook book for creating a vserver based system.
> So far I have had interesting results with the systems I have played with
> so I think even now is a good time for this. (The original idea was write
> an article for one of the Linux magazines but they do not seem interested
> at this time.)
> So if anyone that can offer ideas or thoughts I would appreciate them. As
> I write I'm going to test the process so initailly I only have some vague
> ideas on the process. Please be kind.
> 1. Build/aquire a system capable of running vservers. (I currently have
> one as low as a Pentium-S 133 with 64 MByte RAM, Two SCSI drives (a 4
> GByte main disk and a 2 GByte - the vserser partition)
> This will be a very light duty system. Mostly providing mail services
> for a couple of domains instead of using vmail.
> 2. Install the OS. I'm using Redhat Linux 7.2 but will upgrade to
> 7.3/8.9 (skipjack) as soon as it is out. (Kernel matches the current
> ctx version.
> 3. Create a template vserver. My thoughts are to install from the root
> server and then strip out the fluff/cruft that comes with a
> do-many-things Redhat install. (Could I create an 'install CD'
> of RPMS based on the packages this template vserver has installed and
> use it on other physical systems for an install from CD options?)
> 4. Create unified servers from the template. Add whatever is
> wanted/needed for each vserver. Customize /etc/vservers/XXXX.conf and
> /etc/vservers/ for each vserver.
> Thoughts and ideas?
> TIA,
> Rod
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> Why is it so easy to throw caution to the wind.
> Shouldn't it be heavier and shaped like an anvil?
> Jon Anderson

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