[vserver] Virtual web hosting and XFS stuff

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From: George (thumper_at_acun.com)
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 19:23:30 EDT

In the documentation this statement is made:

Using port redirection to allow one virtual server to logically bind several
IPs. One virtual server could run several web virtual host this way.

Has anyone got around to allowing one to bind several ips to a vserver so
apache can so web virtual hosting across several ip's?

Excerpt from mailing list archive, not sure who actually authored the
Actually i stopped to maintain the patches, the one above have a small bug
(don't unbind ports in a vserver) it was more meant as an example for
discussion and inclusion in the main vserver patch. The Idea was to
provide tow ip/mask pairs to chbind, so it becomes possible to bind to 2
ip-ranges (the first IP is the default) and masking out which bits in an
IP are immutable. Later the vserver-user should be able to constrain the
range to a subset of his available IP's. The usage is straightforward
(look in chbind.c) chbind got a few more options
(--ip1/--mask1/--net2/--mask2) thats all. This days i have no time to work
on it(i got married today :) ). In January i will fix the bugs and sync it
with te actual vserver release. But i still would like to see it included
in the main trunk if there is intrest of it, since i dont want to maintain
a 50 lines patch in parallel.

On another note, I got the 2.4.18 kernel built with XFS V1.1 and vserver
CTX10, seems to be working ok, although I saw in the mailing list the

> OK, so after some more digging, it would seem that XFS doesn't support the
> IMMUTABLE flag, or really anything like it. Refer to:
> http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/mail_archive/0012/msg00073.html. The
> source is a bit weird, quite unlike most the source of the other
> filesystems I've seen in linux ... so vserver unification in XFS probably
> isn't going to happen anytime soon. :-(
> _Paul K.

Is this something I should be worrying about?


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