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From: Peter Kwan Chan (
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 14:51:48 EST

2.4.18ctx-9 seems to be the troubling one. I am surprised that you
didn't find any information on the mailing list. Lots of people reported
problem running 2.4.18ctx-9(including myself). The machine will lock if
you execute netstat.

I am currently using ctx-8, which is very stable.


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From: Enric Lafont []
Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2002 1:11 PM
Subject: [vserver] Kernel locks


I'm testing vserver now for about three days but without any luck, Maybe

I'm doing something wrong ?

I've an Athlon 950 Mhz with a Sis530 chipset, a Sis900 100bT ethernet,
with a Sis630 Vga, 256 Mb Ram, and a 30 Gb Seagate barracuda harddisk
ATA-66, with a Mandrake 8.2 distro installed.

I'm doing all my work in various Xterm sessions (so I'm using the X
server with Xfce)

I've downloaded the kernel-2.4.18ctx-9 from solucorp, installed it, and

rebooted. Eventually I get a FULL HANG on the machine, everything gets
locked, the only thing I can do is fully restart the machine. The
problem is that I can not define a lock pattern that everyone can test.

I've recompiled the kernel by miself to tune it to my equipment, but
with the same luck, the machine hangs consistentlly.

Does anyone knows where is the problem ?, Have anyone have any clue
where can be the problem ?

The last lock happened this way:
1.- Started the machine, it's main IP is
2.- Log in the X session
3.- Opened a Xterm
4.- Stopped VSS0 vservers, it was started automatically by the sysVinit
5.- Started VSS0 vserver, it's binded to (ctx 3), it starts

also v_proftpd (standalone), v_httpd and v_ssh
6.- Stopped the Apache server of the main IP (ctx 0)
7.- netstat -nat (ctx 0) just to see that Apache was unbinded from port
80, the netstat did not get executed, the machine was fully locked.

This pattern is not fiable, it does not ever happens the same way.

I'm going to test other hardware, but while the tests last, I would like

to know if someone knows something about why I get the machine locked.

I've readed all the mailing list, but no one has a similar problem, and
now I'm out of help to look for a solution.

Thanks for any help

Enric Lafont

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