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From: klavs klavsen (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 17:04:28 EST

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 13:20, Sam Vilain wrote:
> klavs klavsen <> wrote:
> > Watch out for the comparison. A file can look exactly alike, according
> > to ls -l, and still not be the same. I would definetely do a sha1 or
> > md5sum check to ensure that they are truely identical.
> So would I. Read the source ;-).
sorry :-)

> > sounds very cool.. perhaps i'll have a look at making it log, which
> > files it vunified - and then the next day, you could run it against the
> > log, and it would tell you if anything changed - a very simple but
> > effective IDS.
> Check out the -v flag, which will only print out the new unifications that
> are made.
> It won't print anything when a file that was hard linked and indentical is
> now a different file, however.
> Patches are welcome. Even horrid hacks are welcome, but you get more
> style points for writing good code.
I just took a little time to think my idea through.

1 comment to your program (without having scrambled through the entire
source - sorry). it takes dir1 and 2 as input. You don't state which is
the source and which is the target - where the target is the file that
actually gets deleted and hardlinked..
and if indeed dir2 is the target, it ought to verify that the filepath
contains /vserver in the start.. (or perhaps checks the vserver conf
file, for the vservers dir).
perhaps you should think of making it so one could just state the
vservers one wanted unified.. like unify-dirs root skel (root being the
real / server and skel being a server under /vservers/skel).

I came up with these extra options for unify-dirs:

-s --save <filename>

save list of files in /etc/vserver/unified.vservername if no <filename>
is given.

-c --compare compare <filename>

compare current link status with saved list (see -s :-)

-t --test

don't actually do any linking. just print out list of files that could
be unified. together with -s option one could merely create an initial
list, without doing anything else..

What do you think?

Klavs Klavsen

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