Re: [vserver] Network card problems

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From: Marius Vincent (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 16:15:57 EST

Yeah well I did a source recompile and no go. Just no luck, stupid RedHat keeps breaking.
Prefer BSD systems. They just never die.

Anyhow, Can anyone tell me if I stick a Intel e100 NIC in there if it will work with the current modules?
I see there is a eepro100.o module built in to the precompiled kernel, although I would need the e100.o for it to work correctly.
Or can I do a install from source and it will work after I have the crx kernel installed?


P.S. As for your ext3 fs problems afer you compile the kernel. I had the same thing, untill I saw I had to select ext3 journaling fs under the fs section under "menuconfig" It all worked fine then. :) Except the modules kept breking when i tried to do a install. *sigh*

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  From: John Lyons
  Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 8:20 PM
  Subject: RE: [vserver] Network card problems

  Ooerr. I can setup stuff that's already available but not add new. is your best bet :-)

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    Alright, then how do I include the network card modules when i do a kernel recompile?
    I have the source for for the nvidia NIC, do i just dump the .o into some directory and "make menuconfig" will pick it up?

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      From: John Lyons
      Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 5:56 PM
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        Now the problem is that for the life of me I cannot get the onboard NIC to work with the ctx kernel.
        The nic was working fine, i just installed the rpm and that installed the modules.
        When I install the new kernel and try to reinstall teh rpm, or source rpm, or even straigth from the source i get problems.
        Now why does this not work?
        Anyone I am despirate!

        I'm not a kernel expert but I've been in your situation before.
        I had the same problem with SIS network cards.

        The pre compiled kernel doen't have very many nic drivers either compiled in or set to load as modules, hence you're problem.

        The fix is to get the kernel source, patch it, create your .config with your own nic drivers included, and recompile.

        It's worked for me several times in the past but I still can't get ext3 working on my own system despite the fact that I didn't mess with those settings in any of the kernel builds in the past. (That's my own personal unresolved bug btw :-))


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