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From: Konstantin Starodubtsev (klists_at_rbcmail.ru)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 12:24:03 EST

 I'm porting vserver utilities to Debian.
 As a part of this job vunify utility was rewritten on perl.
The package-manager dependent part was moved to external object module.
For example dpkg module is 1582 bytes long and was written in 30-40 minutes. I don't think that modules for other package managers will take much more time to write. The main part of utility is about 5.5Kb and it is not package-manager dependent. You can get it with necessary modules at http://tranq.dorms.spbu.ru/data/vunify.tar.gz
 It is not 100% compatible with current vunify now as I'm thinking about placing some defaults (hard-coded in current vunify.cc) now in /etc/vservers.conf so it's behaviour sometimes a bit different comparing to old vunify. So, if anyone thinks anything about it then comments, questions and patches are welcome :)

 The other question appeared during vunify development. We still doesn't have global config file (i.e. /etc/vservers.conf). It can be useful to share system-wide settings between parts of vserver utilities. The most important variable is VSERVERS_HOME - the directory, where vservers are located. I don't want to say, that current standart (/vservers) is bad, though it can violate FHS on some systems.

 Also deb package is available for Debian linux. It should violate FHS a bit, and doesn't provide correct set of dependancies though it can be better than nothing :) The main changes are:
ported vunify,
fixed vserver script wrong behaivor during shutdown (btw, why don't we write current runlevel in the /var/run/utmp after vserver startup?),
some fixes to fit better into Debian FHS.
It is available at http://tranq.dorms.spbu.ru/data/vserver-bin_0.13-1_i386.deb

 Konstantin Starodubtsev.

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