[vserver] clarification of chcontext usage.

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From: klavs klavsen (kl_at_vsen.dk)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 11:20:27 EST

Hi guys,

just studied jail a little.. found missing info on chcontext
functionality. The answers to the questions below I think would be great
additions to the chcontext Man-page.

quote from the FAQ (jail vs. vserver)>>
The new_s_context is not privileged, so a normal user can use this to,
for example, setup a personal security box before executing a
not-so-trusted game.<<

If I start my services (on main vserver) with chcontext, does this mean
that if one of the services (started from the same vserver as the
others) got hacked, the hacker wouldn't be able to access any other

it only seperates processes, so wouldn't the hacker just be able to
"screw up" all the files..

And if he local exploit in a program he could achieve vserver "root",
and then just stop the processes?

if so, are there any security context where using chcontext within a
vserver would help any?

Klavs Klavsen

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