Re: [vserver] X under a vserver?

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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 20:26:24 EST

On 25 Feb 2002, klavs klavsen wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I have a portable machine, which I also use as a server (a presentation
> server). I wanted to run X on it, cause I do like to surf from it once
> in a while, but I don't want this "nasty" habit, to put my server at
> risk. This made me think of running the X under a vserver - and I've
> created an vserver called xsrv.

Ah yes. X is the reason I started using vservers :-).

> I've set the inittab to 5 in it, but that didn't start up the X on F7 as
> it usually does. I then tried to enter the vserver, and su - klavs and
> then run startx.. it complained about me not owning the console (which
> is probably right, as I enter the vserver when I was root.

I don't have much experience there. I hate having X launch on startup, so
I run it from command line. But it shouldn't be an issue at all once you
have the vserver running.

> when I run startx as root, it says failed to open /dev/mem (it's a
> Warning from xf86ReadBIOS), and fails on xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open
> /dev/tty0 (no such file or directory).

When I set my X vserver up, I got similar problems. What I did was copy
over /dev/tty, /dev/tty0, /dev/tty7, and /dev/mem. After that, X died
due to lack of a mouse, so it needs /dev/psaux (or whatever the device
your mouse is connected to). If you want sound, you'll also want to copy
over /dev/dsp. X should run now. At least mine did. Here's my /dev:


Other than the tty devices, psaux, dsp, gpmdata, and mem, I think that's
all default. I just copied the extra stuff over from my root server's
/dev directory (use cp -a, it seems to work better for device files).

One thing that might make some differences is that I am logging into a
console devoted to my X vserver (tty4 and tty5, as you can see by their
presence above), and I don't know how X runs otherwise. I seem to
remember it crashing on me even after having all the device files, but
I don't remember if that's cause I was doing a "vserver workstation exec"
or for some other reason.

> Do you have any tips, as how I could get this up and running, as myself
> - or can it only be done as root in the vserver? or can't it be done at
> all?

The above should work, except for the possible troubles with the lack of a
tty to start X from. If you want to set that up, I can show you how I did

- Yan

PS. I'm new to the list, so I'll just take this opportunity to say hi to
everyone (or everyone who's still reading).

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