[vserver] unify check/ disk usage

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From: klavs klavsen (kl_at_vsen.dk)
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 05:32:27 EST

Hi guys,

Here comes a long list of questions, sorry for the inconvenience but I
hope you can find the time to answer.

I'll try to gather all the information from this and earlier emailings
into some additions to the FAQ, to help all new vserver users - and
possible add some clever tips/usage to old users :-)

I was wondering, if any of you know way I could:

1) get the disk usage of a vserver (the real one - discounting unified

2) get a list of files, that is not unified (or a list of files that
are?) - this way I could easily check for changes in a vserver - such as
evidence of hackers and such.

3) I have several vservers running now, and if I add some files to my
root server, how can I easily hardlink them to the vservers I want to be
able to access it? ln ? (this is to save disk space).

btw. I'm looking into how to get Samba running under a vserver, as I
consider it one of the rather dangerous services to run and I would
therefore like it to be run under a vserver.. any tips or experiences
with this? I've heard there were some problems with the smb broadcasts?
why is this? Can I do anything about it (add a capability, like what
fixes the Bind issue?).

Thank you in advance.

Klavs Klavsen

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