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From: Gregg (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 00:46:00 EST

> I'm wondering if you're able to see the full message? Is it something like
> min free memory, disk space or something else?
> Are you low on disk space or memory or are you running quotas?

Actually, that is the entire message sendmail is giving me, nothing else.
It's the same message it writes in maillog
sendmail[2458]: rejecting new messages: min free: 100
That part I haven't figured out yet.

> Not much I can think of here, I never could get mysql starting and
> properly with needing to run it as the admin or mysql user.
> There was a thread here a few days ago about the vserver script running an
> rm command on /var/run which was killing mysql incorrectly. (The messages
> are now on a web forum somewhere?)
> I'm guessing it's all tied in with the bug in the vserver script.

Well, I did find the thread about the /var/run commands,(THANK YOU FOR THE
WEB ARCHIVE) and I did go over it, and I had to modify the mysqld shutdown a
bit, but it's shutting down properly without giving errors!! YAY! The only
thing that is giving errors when shutting down is the kernel logger, which I
haven't figured out why yet.

I've been playing with linux for a while now, I'm not an expert at all, but
I'm learning slowly. I have tried the FreeVSD, but that was a total mess.
The vserver project seems so much more stable and easy to work with, and I
did not realize how new it is.
I do have some questions that I hope are not too stupid for this list.
I installed the vserver on a RH 7.2. I followed the instructions from the
I installed the kernel-2.4.17ctx-7.tar.gz exactly as in the documenation,
which seems to work fine, but lilo still wants to boot the original kernel
first, so I always have to select the 2.4.17 kernel when booting, how can I
get the 2.4.17 to boot first?
Next question is about the patches.
Was I supposed to patch the kernel? Or was the one I downloaded already
patched? Are the patches for people that wish to patch their own kernel, and
not use the one distributed? I'm just curious, since I never build a kernel
from scratch, or even patched one.

Thanks again for the help, I think the vservers are running well except for
the sendmail thing, which I will continue to look into.

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