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From: John Lyons (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 21:07:32 EST

> I think the real problem here is that the project web page
> doesn't have
> enough pictures or blinking "NEW" buttons. Reading turns
> everyone off, and
> just like back in high school, its easier to just find
> someone that has
> read the book already that can summarize it than for you to
> actually put
> in some effort. Damn words, they are everywhere!

Well said that man!

Vserver is written and supported by people who know what they're talking
about. You only have to read this mailing list and compare it to the FreeVSD
list to see the differences. This list is populated by developers who are
able to discuss kernel code in detail and make an impact (I'm a pleb
compared to 99% of vserver gurus here) The freevsd list is full of
experienced sys admins and beginners all asking why X feature doesn't work
or why their system has stopped working when they did Y.

Vserver works and has so much potential because of it's clean look,
excellent documentation and simplicity. FreeVSD users download 200 and 300mb
skels for their servers because setting up a working virtual server is so

There is a danger that new users see a small download file 30 pages of docs
and a few FAQ's and think that it's a lightweight package. They couldn't be
more wrong.

So far Vserver works for me. It does everything I want it to, there are no
significant bugs that cause problems and I'm struggling to see what could
possibly be done next to the system to improve it. To my mind it works and
any further development is tweaking at the edges. (perhaps I'm wrong here as
I'm not a teche and don't understand these things but I think it's darn good
as it is :-))


John Lyons
ICQ 74187012

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