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From: Jacques Gelinas (
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 12:39:04 EST

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 12:18:32 -0500, Dicken, Peer wrote

> Well, I think it would be a perfect thing to have pre-defined skeletons for
> users, like freeVSD does it.

This is planned. The vbuild utility is really a sub-utility and a front-end
has to be created. The front-end will allow

        -Installation of a vserver from distribution cdrom, replicating
         the package selection found in distribution.

        -installation of a vserver from a reference vserver. In fact
          the first step will be used to create reference vservers.

> Currently Im killing the parts of the virtual server the client does not
> need. The result will be a minimal suse 7.3 installation, which allows me to
> install the needed software on-top. I will take this one as the base for all
> vservers.

At some point, we will have /vservers and /vservers-ref. The later will hold
reference vservers and when you will do

        vserver something build

it will let you pick a reference vserver.

> Can I enable quotas to restrict the space of the vserver?

Not really. Quota works for users and groups and vservers may be sharing
the same user id and group id. At some point will will need another
quota system, either assigned to directory or security context.

Another solution is to setup vserver inside loopback device. You are loosing
unificaton this way though. Another solution, which provides unification
by default is to use the logicial volume manager and snapshot. I have not tried
it but it should work rather easily.

-you create a volume
-you install your reference server in it.
-you create a snapshot of this volume and this creates another
  volume instantly. It has the same size as the original one, but
  uses almost no real disk space. Disk space is used as things are changed.

The advantage of using the lvm are

        -Very fast vserver creation
        -Very high level of unification
        -Each volume has some space limit

The disadvantage are

        -One a volume is created, it is difficult to keep it unified. I mean
         if you apply the same 10 package update to 100 vservers, you
         can always rerun vunify on those to same disk space.
         This may very well be a minor issue.

        -I have not tried it.

There is a patch for lvm (I was told) allowing the snapshot reference to
evolve independantly of the snapshots. This means that you can enhance
your reference vserver and this does not affect existing vservers, even if
they were created from this reference vserver.

> Well the problem: Ive created a vserver and wanted to delete it. Well, in
> this case I could not. I created the server with vbuild from another one and
> now I cannot delete /proc and /dev :-( from the directory of the old server.

/proc and /dev are not handled by vbuild, not unified. Are they still mounted ?

Jacques Gelinas <>
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