Sam Vilain's linux kernel patch collection

Here you will find information on the kernel I use, and links to the patches and their sources.

I am currently using the 2.4.16 kernel, with the following patches:

  1. Supplemental reiserfs patches, from Get this entire directory and apply the patches.
  2. My immutable Linkage patch for reiserfs - linux-2.4.16-reiserfspatches-immutable-linkage.patch
  3. Virtual server patch - the original has parts of my other immutable linkage patch rolled into it, so I have produced linux-2.4.16-reiserfspatches-immutable-ctx4.patch, which is the incremental changes for vserver.
  4. Pre-emptible kernel patch (increases workstation responsiveness). Apply preempt-kernel-rml-2.4.16-2.patch. You may wish to install lock-break-rml-2.4.16-3.patch, the lock breaking patch, or preempt-stats-rml-2.4.16-pre1-1.patch, the preemption stats patch, although I've had the odd hard hang with those patches.
  5. Linux international crypto patch (if you want encrypted filesystems) linux-2.4.16-cryptoapi.patch is a port of the most recent monolithic kernel patch to 2.4.16.
  6. Patch to get a whole load more entropy, from the network - network device entropy patch. You need to install two patches - netdev-random-core-rml-2.4.16-1.patch and netdev-random-drivers-rml-2.4.16-1.patch

Sam Vilain,

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