Sam's Home Page

Welcome to the home page of Sam Vilain. From here you will find all of the interesting information in the world*.


Ever wanted to attach a sun keyboard to a PC? Well, I am typing on one right now. If you buy an NCD sun layout keyboard with a PS/2 interface (sold for X-Terminals), then the files in this directory will help you use it with Linux.

I also have written a patch to the linux kernel that splits file immutability into two halves - the ability to be unlinked, and the ability for the contents to be changed. There is also a patch for e2fsprogs, with some RPMs. If you're interested in the other kernel patches I run, check out my other patches

I have a couple of Perl modules on CPAN that are very cool. Check them out on my Perl Modules page.


If you have come here looking for my contact details, my e-mail address is, or you can find out more on my contact information page.

I have a hobbies page that talks a little bit about what kind of person I am, and a curriculum vitae that details the more mercenary side of me.

Remember if you're e-mailing me something personal or sensitive, to encrypt it using PGP or it's free cousin GPG. (Celebrity endorsement - Sam says - use Free Software for a fuller, more satisfying computing experience). Oh yes, my key - try here, which I am told is a key secure enough to be secure until either the universe has collapsed into itself, or all of the matter in the universe is liquid at 0 degrees Kelvin, but who knows - maybe the spooks know something we don't so I've set it to being valid for 5 years.


JUST IN: Product Boycott of ACME, Incorporated announced

I also rendered a tattoo that I was thinking to get a while ago.


I have some photos online. This is mainly a "ooh, I've got my hands on a digital camera for 10 mintues, I'll take a couple of photos of objects immediately surrounding me" type page. So don't get too excited. More to come, once I can afford to buy a digital camera.

Sam Vilain,

* OK, so given that I've linked to at least one external site, then I've got at least 78% of it covered, not counting the crap that isn't on the world wide web yet :-). What's interesting is a matter of opinion anyways.