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  What is Virtual Environment (VE)?
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Virtuozzo Virtuozzo

HSPcomplete PromotionHSPcomplete Fast Start Package
Virtuozzo PromotionVirtuozzo Fast Start Package
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Look Under The Hood

Why be stuck in the slow lane selling dedicated servers for $100 to $200 per month when Virtuozzo can enable revenues averaging $2,000 per server per month.

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Pay Before October 20th and Get an Additional 10% off the Promotional Pricing

More and more hosting providers use Virtuozzo to partition their servers into hundreds of fully-isolated and secure ""Virtual Private Servers", earning more money per customer and per server™. Look under the Hood of Virtuozzo 2.5 – with over 50 new features, including the ability to scale over 2,500 VPS per physical server, we will blow the doors off any competitor. While other companies may say they enable VPS services, Virtuozzo is the only technology powerful and scalable enough to deliver true VPS to you today!

October VPS Fast Start Package

Includes: Allows:
  • Creation of 50 or more VE per physical machine
  • Use of control panels in each VE
  • Unlimited domains created per VE
Usual price: $6,000. Promotional price: $3,000

Virtuozzo logo 33x27  Virtuozzo is licensed per server and per CPU power
Comes with the command line and GUI tools
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