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Fast and Furious HSPs
VPS Fast Start Program teaser Hosting Service Providers are jump-starting their profits using Virtuozzo technology to partition their servers into hundreds of fully-isolated and secure “Virtual Private Servers.”
Starting from $3,000

VZ Exclusive for HSP


SWsoft employs some of the world’s top engineering minds, each of whom have come together to create advanced server software products and services designed to both power enterprise server consolidation and affordably automate an entire hosting business. From server virtualization leader Virtuozzo, to HSPcomplete, the world’s most powerful and complete hosting automation solution, the SWsoft product line is unmatched in providing affordable, customized software and hardware solutions for customers that lower IT-related expenditures and increase the bottom line.


The most comprehensive full business life-cycle hosting automation solution available. Manage hardware, OS, applications, backups, IP pools, customers, resellers, e-commerce storefronts, customer payments. Flexible billing system integrated with automated account provisioning scalable to tens of thousands of accounts. More...

Mainframe-like partitioning and manageability on commodity x86 machines. Provides dynamic partitioning, resource management with full isolation of each partition, known as a Virtual Environment (VE), OS virtualization that allows migration of a VE to another physical machine, and Templating to manage mass deploy of updates and applications. More...


Confixx for Products page

Confixx Control panels are very comfortable tools to automate customer administration on Linux-based webservers with graphic interfaces for Admin, Resellers and End Users. More...

MagnumSC - Server Consolidation Simplicity
Transparent server consolidation in a simple box that sets up in a day and requires no changes to applications, no changes to IT processes and no retraining. More...

xLswitch is a Linux-based scalable and highly available traffic, bandwidth and content management solution for Web, mail and Internet application servers. More...

Other Products
SWsoft has transferred all of its other products to its independent business units and affiliates. More...

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