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Fast and Furious HSPs
VPS Fast Start Program teaser Hosting Service Providers are jump-starting their profits using Virtuozzo technology to partition their servers into hundreds of fully-isolated and secure “Virtual Private Servers.”
Starting from $3,000


Partner Programs

For OEMs, VARs, Web hosting companies, independent software vendors (ISVs) and others, a partnership with SWsoft means access to new customers through a rapidly expanding Web hosting channel, currently expected to grow 67% annually to reach over $40 Billion over the next two years.

Products like Virtuozzo, which supercharges Intel-based hardware for server consolidation, and HSPcomplete, the most complete business and infrastructure solution for Web hosting companies, create direct access to your customer base by providing seamless and affordable access to mission-critical applications and resources.

  • Independent Software Vendors Boost software sales dramatically by seamlessly reaching out to hosting service providers, their customers and enterprise companies.

  • Hardware Vendors Supercharge server sales to HSPs and enterprise companies interested in advanced server consolidation.

  • VARs and Systems Integrators Leverage SWsoft's advanced solutions to further reach HSPs and enterprise customers.

  • OEM Create new channels for software and hardware sales to Web hosting customers and enterprise customers.

  • HSPs Increase profits by streamlining all business processes and offering new applications and services to customers, all of which can be automatically bought and provisioned.

  • Hosting Resellers Use HSPcomplete's unmatched flexibility and rich customers and reseller tools to power a profitable hosting reseller business.

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