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Fast and Furious HSPs
VPS Fast Start Program teaser Hosting Service Providers are jump-starting their profits using Virtuozzo technology to partition their servers into hundreds of fully-isolated and secure “Virtual Private Servers.”
Starting from $3,000

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Dell, Intel and SWsoft Help 1-Net Singapore Launch Breakthrough Hosting Service

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10/15/2002  SWsoft Releases New ResellerControlCenter, Announces Lowest Industry Pricing on Shared Hosting Reseller Control Panels
09/24/2002  SWsoft Releases Virtuozzo 2.5, Highest-Performing Server Virtualization Technology for Intel® Architecture Servers
09/11/2002  SWsoft Announces Intergenia, eServers, Hostmania Each Offer Virtual Private Servers on Thousands of Virtuozzo, HSPcomplete-Powered Linux Servers
08/29/2002  SWsoft Announces New VPS Enrollment Program
08/13/2002  Study Predicts Internet Hosting Companies Targeting SMBs, Web Services to Brighten, Grow Weak U.S. Economy
08/01/2002  SWsoft Announces HSPcomplete 2.0 Full Business Lifecycle Hosting Automation Solution
06/11/2002  Ten New Service Providers Launch Virtuozzo-Based HSPcomplete Hosting; New Technology Positions IBM, Dell Linux Servers to Surpass NTT/Verio Services
05/21/2002  Response to Shahin Khan’s “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
04/30/2002  SWsoft Announces First-Ever Server Consolidation Appliance Line "Magnum-SC"
03/05/2002  Linux on the Mainframe – Why It’s a Good Idea. In response to Sun Microsystems - Reality Check
02/21/2002  Virtuozzo Enables Over 2000 Instances of Linux On a Single Intel-Based Dell Server
02/11/2002  SWsoft Alliance Program Boosts .NET-like Software Sales For Macromedia, Verisign, Miva, Planet Intra
01/10/2002  SWsoft Releases Virtuozzo 2.0, Bringing Mainframe-Inspired Functionality to Intel-Based Servers
12/05/2001  SWsoft Announces The Release Of xLswitch, The Universal Traffic Management Solution
11/30/2001  Dell, Intel and SWsoft Help 1-Net Singapore Launch Breakthrough Hosting Service
09/19/2001  SWsoft Delivers Enhanced Solution To Asian Hosting Market
08/15/2001  Virtual@1-Net allows customers to control and scale their own hosting environment
07/19/2001  ASPLinux Appoints Genovate as Authorized Training Partner for Singapore and India
06/25/2001  ASPLinux Unveils OS Selector 5.0 in Asia
05/28/2001  ASPLinux 7.1 Version Pushes Full Featured Solution for Fast-growing Enterprise and Internet Infrastructure Users

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