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  Nominet is running a public consultation from 30 August - 30 September 2002 on its proposed changes to the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration.

The Terms and Conditions form the contract of registration between Nominet UK and .uk domain name registrants and have been endorsed by Nominet's Policy Advisory Board at its meeting of 7 August 2002.

The proposed changes allow for the introduction of a new Tag Change policy and they also clarify Nominet's display of personal data on the expanded WHOIS.

You are invited to review the proposed new Terms and Conditions and to submit your comments to Nominet by emailing terms-consult@nominet.org.uk. All the comments that we receive by 30 September 2002 will be published here on the Nominet web site.

At the end of the consultation period, Nominet will review all the consultation responses before submitting the Terms and Conditions for approval by the Council of Management.

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