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School instructions for modifying or activating Domain Names

To activate your school's Domain Name or inform us of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the school (or LEA where the school is state-maintained) will need to confirm to Nominet UK which ISP they intend to use as a host for the Domain Name. If your school wishes to change ISP, you will need to contact your current ISP and ask that they release the Domain Name to your new ISP. Although Nominet cannot recommend which ISP you should use a full list of Nominet members can be found at

along with links to their websites.

For authentication purposes, Nominet requires that all activation or modification requests are received on the letterhead of the school (or the LEA where appropriate). Requests must be signed by an individual within the school or LEA with authority to request the change. Please mark your request for the attention of the 'Schools support team' and fax it to 01865 332288 or it may be sent be post to the Schools Support Team, Nominet UK, Sandford Gate, Sandy Lane West, OXFORD, OX4 6LB.

For further information please see the following URL