School Names logo Nominet logo registrations in Wales

Notice: Nominet UK has been instructed by the British Educational Communications and Technology agency in conjunction with the National Assembly for Wales Training and Education Department to rationalise the Welsh Domain Name register. This will result in a standardised Register of Domain Names for Wales.

Normal applications will continue until the Naming Guidelines for the project have been agreed but in the interim schools may wish to base their application on the Naming Guidelines used for the English and Scottish 'School Names on the Net' projects which can be found at

All new Domain Name applications made for Welsh schools must be made following the <school name>.<geographical area> format.

To register a Welsh Domain Name, requests should be sent to Nominet UK. A list of Welsh geographical sub-domains can be found at All requests will be processed regardless of the type of school. All requests are submitted using the standard procedure for new Domain Name applications.

Internet Service Providers who have registered a Tag with Nominet can submit an application via, and direct registrations can be made using the on-line form at