School Names logo Nominet logo registrations in Scotland

Notice: Nominet UK have been instructed by the DfEE in conjunction with the Scottish Executive to rationalise the Scottish Domain Name register. This will result in a standardised Register of Domains for Scotland. Normal applications will continue until 10 December 2000 after which no further automated applications will be accepted. Any local authority school requiring a Domain Name should contact their Education Authority (EA) IT Advisor to arrange for an appropriate Domain to be registered. Any new Independent schools requiring a Domain should confirm their school name, postal address and Scottish Office ID number in writing so that we can allocate an appropriate Domain.

A new national naming structure was created in order to allocate all 3,000 Scottish schools with a unique Domain Name. All new Domain Name applications made for Scottish schools must be made following the <geographical area> format.

Each application is dealt with by Nominet UK and it must comply with the following criteria:

  • The Domain Name application must correspond with the new national naming scheme. These guidelines can be found at
  • The Scottish Office ID number allocated to the school and their Education Authority name should be provided. This information is required to identify the school correctly. A list of Scottish EA names and the appropriate Domain endings can be found at

A document answering the most commonly asked questions about the School Names on the Net Project is available at

The Scottish Executive Education Department publication providing information about the 'Domain Names Rationalisation Project Scotland' for Scottish schools and Education Authorities can be found at