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Information for Tag holders and LEAs can be found here. Domain Names for English schools have been rationalised by an initiative that forms part of the Government's National Grid for Learning Program. The "School Names on the Net" project allocated every school in England with a unique Domain Name in a logical, coherent and transparent way. As such no further applications will be accepted for English domain names via the Nominet automated system.

Process for changing or establishing a domain name in England.

This domain name is only available to schools. The structure of the name is:

Existing schools will have a domain name registered by Nominet which can be used for no charge and with no need to re-register after two years. Maintained schools should contact their LEA to confirm the domain name that has been allocated to their school. Independent schools should contact Nominet directly.

New schools, and schools wishing to change their designated name should contact Nominet* to register a name of their choice. Proposed names will be checked against the register and will be rejected if there is a conflict with an existing name or if they do not follow the format for domain names (shown above).

Where two or more schools in an LEA have similar names, e.g. St Mary's, then a school seeking to change its designated name must confirm that the other schools have been consulted before seeking to change its domain name.

If a school wishes to register a domain name that is not accepted by Nominet the request will be referred to DfES.

A document answering the most commonly asked questions about the School Names on the Net Project is available at

*Nominet UK, Sandford Gate, Sandy Lane West, OXFORD, OX4 6LB
ph. 01865 332211
fax. 01865 332288