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  Dear Nominet

Just read through your new rules and they seem fine to me for the areas they cover.

There is a typo in 5.6 last sentence where you say "a2" would comply when I am quite sure you mean to say "a2b" would comply.

I would like to see greater rigidity in the .uk domain name registry after domain names have been de-tagged. There are a vast number of de-tagged domain names out there which cannot be registered by others without the permission of the party that originally registered the domain name and has allowed it to lapse.

Far better to confirm (if possible) with the registering party, rather than just taking the tag holders word for it, that the domain is to be de-tagged and make the domain name available for registration again.

The current rigmorall of proving that a company is either out of business, non co-operative or not contactable is totally unnecessary. Why is Nominet still working on behalf of these people when they haven't paid their re-registration fees?. Surely this is what the fees are for, to maintain your registration!.

Kind regards

Neil Wilson
Businesswebsite.com Ltd

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