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  I can't believe that Steve Bromham could suggest forcibly removing a domain name from a company just because it is not used in a certain amount of time and has no domain servers assigned to it.

A company should be allowed to hold a domain name and use it as they require or not use it if that is how they want to use it. There are many reasons why a company may not be using their domain name and it should not be up to a third party if they can keep it. I would be interested in knowing the view of the law in England and Wales on this subject.

I am currently working in a volunteer capacity with three charitable companies that hold domains to protect their image but have not assigned them as it will be a waste of money as they use alternative domains for which they are better known.

If this was implemented I foresee a major change in the domain name dispute procedures being needed, as there will be a lot of requests for resolution of the problems caused.

Lets make this idea a no go straight away.

Paul Weaver
Registered owner of paul-weaver.org.uk

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