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  I would like to offer a few comments on the proposed new rules. My attention was drawn to the consultation through Nominet's Dispute Resolution Panel.
  1. The possibility of a cut-down (cheaper) dispute resolution procedure for the me.uk SLD has been discussed. I understand that for the time being this is not being pursued. However, on the assumption that these rules are intended to last for some time, it would seem wise to allow in them for different dipute resolution procedures to apply in different SLDs.
  2. Similarly, the rules do mention the special introductory charging arrangements for me.uk even though the period during which these apply is already over. They do not however seem to allow for different SLDs to be charged differently in future, though such flexibility might be advanatageous.
  3. Bearing in mind that someone registering a name is likely to refer to the rules when making his initial choice of name, and the terms and conditions only when registering, it would be helpful to include in the rules a warning about the possibility of infringing others' rights (and the consequences). Alternatively, such a warning could be included in a new set of guidance notes for people choosing domain names. In this case it would be even more helpful, especially perhaps to overseas applicants, to refer to some of the major online databases where UK rights can be checked (eg Companies House and the Patent Office).
  4. At a recent Board meeting of the Internet Watch Foundation, attention was drawn to the possibility of certain newsgroup names being illegal because they could be deemed to constitute advertisements for child pornographic images (http://www.iwf.org.uk/about/minsbd18-07-02.htm). Presumably similar considerations would apply to similar domain names. There is a case for Nominet's rules to reflect such a possibility, or at least for it to be drawn to applicants' attention.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Claire Milne

Antelope Consulting
Web: http://www.antelope.org.uk
Tel/fax: +44 20 8505 9826
Email: cbm@antelope.org.uk
Post: 99 Monkhams Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 0ER, UK

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