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  I thank the PAB subcommittee for their effort in drafting these new rules. There are two issues I would like to raise:
  1. net.uk

    The redrafting of the rules for net.uk in order to make their intended use clearer is welcomed. I would strongly oppose opening up this SLD as it would serve no purpose than to dilute the namespace. It should perhaps be noted that whilst the domain is called 'net.uk', it does not follow that any 'network' is entitled to register. Nominet is not here to create a revenue stream but to manage the namespace in the interests of the Internet community as a whole.

    I would like to see clause 2.5 changed slightly to include an example as per previous rules which is more explicit. The words "the domain name must not be used as part of another entity's e-mail address or URL" is better understood if "another entity.." is changed back to "customer e-mail addresses or URLs". Being an example, this does not restrict the scope of the rule but makes it easier to understand.

    If the cost of processing applications for .net.uk is significantly higher, Nominet should consider charging .net.uk registrants a higher fee on registration (subject to normal renewal fees?) or perhaps an 'application fee' non-refundable in case of rejection. It should be possible to make the tagholder confirm each of the requirements in the template (Is an LIR/AS, Is UK company, etc.) and automatically reject any applications that do not have this declaration included.

    Unless the goal is to raise revenue through protective and speculative duplicate registrations, more "restricted" SLDs mean a wider availability of "good" internet addresses to the community as a whole. As such I would welcome an application for "isp.uk" for web hosting, domain registration and Internet service providers which could be run on an open or semi-open basis. It does not follow that a "successful" SLD is one that has a large number of registrations like co.uk.

  2. me.uk

    Can we remove references to the sliding scale of fees as they are no longer appropriate and would seek to unnecessarily confuse people.


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