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  I have looked through the proposed changes to the rules and they seem fine.

However, I would like to comment on one aspect of the .uk namespace where companies like ourselves are caught in the middle between your assumption of a uniform way of doing business and how reality is.

Most of our customers are small businesses. They do not have in-house staff to do everything. The books are looked after by a book keeper, accounts are done by an accountant and so on. This is the natural way of doing business and leaves them free to get on with running their business.

Many of these small businesses expect to be able to do the same thing with Internet, but Nominet is too arrogant to do this. Thus forms are sent to our customers, who don't want to deal with them and would much rather we dealt with them.

Companies House and the Inland Revenue are just two of the organisations that deal with small businesses in the way they want to be dealt with, directly or via an agent. It is past time Nominet started behaving in the same way.

David Hansen,

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