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  Dear Sirs

I do not think that your rule changes go far enough.

Although the concept of allocating domain names on a first come first served basis seems entirely fair it still leaves the system open to abuse.

There are many domain names registered 'on block' for a nominal amount and then legitimate individuals or companies are held to ransom by the registrant for obscene and extortionate fees.

There is nothing wrong with an individual or company registering a domain that is relevant to their name or business, but if Mr Smith registers the domain name 'brown' with the sole intention of holding Mr Brown to ransom then, in my view, Mr Smith should be considered to be in breech of the rules. If Mr Smith registered 'smith' with a view to protecting his name or product but let the name lie dormant then I agree he should be entitled to do it, but to register a name that demonstrably has nothing and no relevance to Mr Smith, should be deemed against the rules.

There are many domain names registered and then not only left to lie dormant, but are detagged until such time as an interest is shown and then sold or leased for extortionate amounts of money.

A level playing field is very fair but for Mr Smith to hold Mr Brown's name just because he got there first is not in my view in the interests of the internet.

Lloyd Bunday Bsc FInstD

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