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  For your ref. our TAG is 'FINDITUK'

Please consider a new rule that gives Nominet the power to transfer a .uk domain away from the existing owner if that domain is not ignored and not used by the owner/registrant for a given period of time. E.g. six months and a couple of warnings from Nominet for 'non-use'.

There are many .co.uk that have no domain servers assigned to them ('floaters') that could be put to good use rather than pop-up the usual 'website not found' error. I don't think it reflects well on Nominet and there are potential customers who could make use of such domains. Seems very unfair - don't you think?

I look forward to your comments on this suggestion.

Kind regards,

Steve Bromham

Save9 Business Intelligence
Website: www.save9.com
Telephone: (01723) 355999

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