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  I would like to reiterate the comments by Steve Bromham titled "Rules submission idea"

I also find it both irritating and a waste of a domain name when the domain name is not attached to a server, it should be a rule of registration that a domain name must always be attached to a server.

I understand that anyone can make a mistake and forget to attach a domain name, so I agree with the warning system also.

I also think that domain names that are not renewed should not be detagged and left in the wilderness for months/years. Maybe they should be placed in a state of awaiting payment and pointed to a page on the Nominet server stating this for one month, then cancelled and become available for re-registering.

Nominet should be more like ICANN registrars and insist on payment or you loose your domain name. Nominet should not waste time and money sending letters and waiting for answers. I also think it should not send out certificates and also asking the registrant to return part of the certificate, its just a waste of time and money.

There is no certificates issued for .com .net etcs, why do we require them for .uk domain names. Showing the registrants full details in the whois should be enough and the tag holder should be able to change these details, instead of the present system.

Why do tag holders have time to pay for domain names, they only tend to abuse this. The change to paying for your domain names up front (or a rigid 30 days or your loose your domain names if totally necessary) would make the service more streamlined and cost effective. Paper pushing is a waste of time and money, all invoices should be issued via email and a online payment system should be used by Nominet, it is year 2002 and Nominet is lagging behind.

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