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Possibly not relevant to this particular exercise but a couple of comments below:

  • A return to checking the responsiveness of nameservers prior to granting delegations

I would see this as a way of improving the integrity of the DNS and preventing rogue operators from registering names without having access to the nameservers that will act on behalf of the delegated domains. It has previously been suggested that this might be seen as preventing entry into the 'Domain name market' but i see it as being similar to ensuring that the end clients contractors are able to use the 'tools of their trade' and will go a long way towards improving the image of the UK name registration market.

  • Technical Contact determined from current TagHolder rather than specified per domain

It appears to me that whoever currently holds the ipstag for the domain would rightfully be the Technical Contact. When domains are transferred between tagholders this detail could be determined during the transfer as it seems to be frequently overlooked (myself included!).

Apologies if this is somewhat off-target for the current rules review but i feel that the issues possibly need to be though about antway.

All the best,

Sean Adams-Jones
+44(0)29 2025 5515

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