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Rules for me.uk

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- General rules for .uk

- Rules for .co.uk

- Rules for .me.uk

- Rules for .ltd.uk and .plc.uk

- Summary of the Rules

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Infringing Third Party Rights

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  1. The rules for the .me.uk Second Level Domain ("SLD") as amended from time to time are incorporated by reference into the Rules for the .uk Domain (the "Rules"), and form part of the contract of registration.
  2. Where a conflict exists between the Rules and the rules for the .me.uk SLD, the rules for the .me.uk SLD shall have precedence.
  1. The .me.uk SLD is intended to provide a personal namespace within the .uk Top Level Domain. It is anticipated that registrants will be natural persons who have an association with the UK.
  2. Any entity may register in the .me.uk SLD provided the registration complies with the Nominet UK terms and conditions, the Rules and the rules for the .me.uk SLD, in each case as amended from time to time.
  3. No limitation is placed on the number of names that may be applied for on behalf of a single entity.
  4. Nominet will take no action with regard to the registration or use of a Domain Name unless such registration or use conflicts with the Nominet UK terms and conditions, the Rules including the rules for the .me.uk SLD, or Nominet UK's Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure, in each case as amended from time to time.
  5. There shall, without exclusion, be a sufficient demonstration of an abusive registration if the registrant is not a natural person and cannot demonstrate that they registered the domain name with the agreement at the time of a specific natural person, and that the domain name was a reasonably faithful representation of that person's legal name.
  1. Nominet UK reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for effecting a transfer of registration within the .me.uk SLD. Any charge for the transfer of a .me.uk domain name registration made may be different to charges (if any) made to transfer registrations within other SLDs.
  2. During the first six months of operation of the .me.uk SLD (or a shorter period if so determined by the Council of Management), Nominet reserves the right to vary the discounted rate for domain name registrations made through members of Nominet. The introductory variable charging mechanism will affect only those .me.uk domain names registered through members of Nominet who are tag holders.
  3. Domain Names registered directly with Nominet will not be subject to the introductory variable charging mechanism, but will be charged at the same rate as other domain names registered directly with Nominet.
  4. Nominet will publish details of the differential pricing structure on its web site.
  5. In any event, by the sixth month after the introduction of the .me.uk SLD, the price to register domain names in the .me.uk SLD will be the same as the price of registration of domain names in other SLDs operated by Nominet UK.

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