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- General rules for .uk

- Rules for .co.uk

- Rules for .me.uk

- Rules for .ltd.uk and .plc.uk

- Summary of the Rules

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Summary of the Rules

Rules for .uk

There are some important restrictions on the composition of Domain Names in the .uk Top Level Domain, including:

  • one and two letter names are not allowed e.g. YY.co.uk
  • the only characters (barring letters and numbers) that can be used in Domain Names are hyphens e.g. widget-splodge.co.uk.

Please refer to the full set of rules for the .uk namespace.

Rules for .ltd and .plc

Specific rules apply to the registration of Domain Names in the .ltd and .plc Second Level Domains:

  • Unlimited companies Registered under the Companies Act, unincorporated bodies, partnerships and bodies incorporated under other legislation are not eligible for an entry in ltd.uk or plc.uk.
  • The only allowable characters from a Registered company name are the letters A to Z, a to z, the numbers 0 to 9 and a hyphen.
  • Certain words will be removed from the Registered company name where they occur at the end of the name: "limited", "public limited company" and the Welsh Language versions ("cyfyngedig" and "cwmni cyfyngedig cyhoeddus") along with the abbreviations of these words: ltd, plc, cyf and ccc
  • White space between words are either ignored or replaced by a single hyphen.
  • Company names written in a non English character set are not allowed.

Please refer to the full set of rules for .ltd and .plc.

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