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  Nominet is proposing to introduce new Rules for the UK Top Level Domain and sub-domains. This is the first major overhaul of the Rules since Nominet started business in 1996.

The new Rules have been approved by Nominet's Policy Advisory Board. We are now inviting comments from the public as part of an open consultation period that runs from 1 August - 1 September 2002.

In order to comment on the new Rules, please review them as well as the summary of changes. You may also wish to refer to the current Rules. Comments should then be submitted via email to rules-consult@nominet.org.uk

Please note that Nominet will publish your submissions in full on its web site, along with your name and contact details unless you indicate that you wish these to be withheld.

Once the consultation period has been closed, Nominet will review the comments before circulating the Rules to the Council of Management for final approval.

There will then be a 30-day notice period after which the changed Rules will apply to .uk domain name registrations.

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