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Electronic Schedules

If you would like to return your invoice schedules by e-mail, this can be set up for you in the month following the initial request.

In the first instance, you will need to send a PGP-signed e-mail to payments@nominet.org.uk with the address to which you would like the electronic schedules sent, and you will automatically be forwarded an electronic schedule the following month.

If you are making a part payment with an electronic invoice, please edit a copy of the schedule file to delete those Domain Name(s) that are not being covered by the payment, and return the file to banking@nominet.org.uk. You should forward your payment with the remittance advice in the usual way, but please refer to the date your e-mail was sent as a reference.

If the payment is in full then there is no need to return the file, please just forward the remittance advice with your payment.

If you have any queries or suggestions, or need to modify or update the current billing e-mail address we hold for you, please forward your revisions to the above address.

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