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New Invoices with Tick Boxes

From December 2000, all Nominet Tag Holders will be asked to complete a series of tick boxes on their monthly invoice schedules. The tick boxes only need to be completed if a partial payment is being made. This is to enable Nominet to determine which Domain Name(s) are being paid for at the time of remittance.

If payment is for the full amount of the invoice, then simply return the remittance advice on the bottom of the invoice (not the schedule). If you are sending a part payment, please complete the tick boxes manually and return the schedule together with your remittance advice.

There is a choice of two methods for completing the tick boxes:

  1. Tick if it is easier for you to tell us which Domain Name(s) you are paying for, or
  2. Cross if it is easier for you to tell us which domain names you are not paying for.

Nominet will also now provide invoice schedules by e-mail. Please click here for further details.

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